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Open and edit your NFO files easily with NFOpad, a freeware text editor
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NFO is a commonly used three-letter filename extension of ASCII or extended ASCII text files that accompany other files and contain information about them. There are many downloadable ZIP archives that have NFO files included within them. You can use Notepad to open NFO files, although they don't always look very well. But NFOpad is a freeware text editor and viewer especially designed for those files. Small, handy and specific.

When you open a NFO file, the application is able to choose the necessary font type to view it. So in this way, you will view those ANSI images that NFO files contain in a better way that if you open them using Notepad. In fact, NFOpad can used as a perfect replacement for the default Notepad included in Windows.

Some key features of NFOpad are:
- The application is able to open NFO, DIZ and TXT files.
- If there is an URL or an email link in the opened file, with a single click those links will be open in your default browser and/or email client.
- You can easily customize fonts, colors, and other application settings.

To sum up, NFOpad is a good and free option to open, edit and view those NFO and DIZ files that you download from Internet.

Daniel Mantilla
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